Murrina Production Process

ITA italia bandiera - SPA bandera españa)

The murrina production process consists in 4 stages: composition, furnace, leveling-grinding and polishing.

1. Composition:

The composition is completely handmade. The murrina glass cane (long rods of glass) is cut in small cross-sections 1 to 8 mm thick. These small glass beads are used to create a design.

In this stage of the production process we insert a little “M” in all of our products to distinguish them as our original production. This is our mark, M stands for murrina and for Murano.


2. Furnace:

The composition is made in a steel surface and then is introduced in the furnace at 900 ° C for a few seconds. Using small shovels the piece of glass takes the desired form.

Once is fused, the piece of glass is introduced in a muffle furnace at 500 ° C for a few hours.


3. Leveling and grinding: 

Once the murrina is removed from the muffle furnace, the thickness is reduced to eliminate impurities.

After the desired thickness of the murrina has been obtained, the murrina has to undergo further polishing of its surfaces.

produzione murrine

glass workshop

4. Polishing:

At the end, the murrina is polished using a special machine. Then the piece is finished off by polishing using a band.