Vital e-commerce in Covid 19

It is hard to express how we’ve being feeling during these last weeks with this tough situation here in our nation, Italy, and all around the world.

Once again we face a problem that is out of our control, but we have decided to focus our energy in spending the time with our family the best way we can and to keep pushing our business despite the circumstances surrounding us.

We thank the fact that we launched our e-commerce site back in 2017, and since then we are able to respond to our client’s requests no matter where they are, all year round. This is an open window that is vital for our business in times like this.

We want to thank our customers and all the people who in one way or another support our business, we promise we won’t surrender!

And today, a special thanks goes to our friend and photographer @CeolinFotografia for his fantastic work capturing the vibrant colors of our handmade Murano Glass Jewelry.

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