Ireland and us

Last year in autumn, to celebrate my 40th birthday, Davide and I went to Ireland for the first time. After two days walking around Dublin city center, we decided to take a tour and visit the western and southern part of this beautiful country.

We chose @wildroverdaytours and we were lucky enough to have for two days in a row one of the best tour guides we ever met @anthonykellywriter. Anthony was able to get everyone’s attention during all the stops of the trip, and entertained us telling stories about Halloween, Celtic symbols and many other Irish folk customs.

During a trip, is nice to find beauty in natural landscapes and architecture, but finding people who do an excellent job with passion is sometimes even more remarkable.

One year later, Anthony came to visit Venice for his first time too! And lucky us, he came to our store and workshop in Murano. It was so great to see him again! He introduced us to @prisluckyelephant. She runs a handcrafted jewellery shop in Dublin and guess what? now she is showcasing our products! If you are in Dublin and you are looking for unique presents for these holidays, we recommend to explore her store.    

We love to travel, and with experiences like this, we truly believe in a world as a small village, with people connecting and sharing the best everyone does.   

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